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[Public WebGL] Doctype issues


I've started a separate thread on this following on from the backbuffer resizing issues. Using the correct and consistent doctype is important. Mark Callow has pointed out some layout and spacing issues resulting from trying to make the canvas fit when using <!doctype html>. Greg Tavares proposed using the 4.01 Transitional doctype to fix these issues.

Indeed, they do make the webgl canvas fit better. However, according to the HTML5 spec <!doctype html> is the correct doctype to use going forward. I randomly sampled the webgl demos and found that all that I looked at used this doctype.

<!doctype html> is supposed to be 'standards mode' compliant, and lots of CSS now depends upon using this doctype to get consistent layout results. For example, all the newer GWT widgets only work in standard mode. GWT is not the only web framework, but most of the modern web frameworks now require standards mode compliance for correct rendering.

So please would someone confirm that <!doctype html> is the recommended doctype for WebGL.

If so, then could someone explain how we get around the issues as pointed out by Mark's previous email/example? Using 4.01 Transitional may work when all that is required is to size the canvas to fit, but there will be many cases of the use of webgl where there needs to also be support for the html5 doctype. For example, in one of my applications there is a 'full window' mode which you can switch in and out of in an AJAX app using a keyboard shortcut. Consequently the doctype needs to be the same as for the non-full screen mode and 4.01 Transitional simply doesn't work in that case. I've tried a few experiments with box-sizing: border-box but they don't seem to make any difference (I assume Chrome 9 supports box-sizing, and yes I tried -moz-box-sizing: on FF)

I think the problem here is going to be that the webgl canvas will be used in two different types of web application. Many of them will be games, or game-like, where the webgl canvas occupies the full browser window. In this case its probably OK to use the 4.01 Transitional.

However, many applications will need to work within a 'strict' standards compliance mode. Designers are not going to be happy when they can't get the canvas to fit into a pre-determined space.



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