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Re: [Public WebGL] Behavior of WebGL canvas when it can't make a backbuffer of the requested size?

On 11/8/2010 5:14 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:

We are talking about an error condition here, where the WebGL implementation simply can not honor the requested size that was requested by the developer.

If its an error condition (which I think it probably is) then why not generate an error?
Why not make the *specification* require that implementations generate an error condition.

If, as policy, the webgl *implementations* try to recover from this by still continuing to display data,
resized or scaled as they see fit, that's fine. But maybe that recovery behavior doesn't have to be explicitly
defined in the spec.

If a developer can't be bothered to ever check and interpret the webgl error status, then they will have an unreliable application. However, the error status is well known, well documented and easy to understand.



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