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Re: [Public WebGL] Weird alpha issue.

Sadly, I'm in crunch right now - I don't have a lot of time for at least
the next month.  But if you're not in a whole lot of hurry, I'd be happy
to help.

IMHO, it would probably be faster for someone familiar with the test
framework to modify one of the existing tests rather than trying to fit my
test code into the framework.

1) Change the HTML background to a black/white checkerboard...plain
backgrounds make these three bugs hard to spot.
2) Create two rendering contexts - one with destination alpha, the other
3) Into each, render a quad with a frag shader that writes 100% red and
three distinct regions with alpha=1, alpha=0.5 and alpha=0.0.

  -- Steve

> Please. If you can simplify into the form of a test that can drop into
> the test suite at
>      https://cvs.khronos.org/svn/repos/registry/trunk/public/webgl/sdk/tests/
> that would be even better.
> Regards
>     -Mark
>> I should probably simplify it some more first - there is a lot of
>> left-over junk in there...but you're certainly welcome to have it.
>>   -- Steve
>> On 11/04/2010 09:41 PM, Mark Callow wrote:
>>> I think this test case or derivations of it should be added to the
>>> official test suite. It is generally good practice to add tests which
>>> have uncovered previously unseen bugs.
>>> Regards
>>>     -Mark
>>>> Thx for helping identify the issue and providing a nice test case
>>>> (ple

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