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Re: [Public WebGL] Why have readpixels support 5_6_5?

I agree with Tim.

FWIW the most common implementation read format, when reading from the default framebuffer, is RGB565, which is why it was chosen for WebGL. When reading from FBOs it is probably whatever format the renderbuffer is, i.e. it will be dependent on both application and implementation.



On 02/11/2010 17:52, Tim Johansson wrote:
On 2010-11-01 21:09, Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
Ah, I didn't realize that it could vary based on the bound framebuffer.

It was suggested that we fix the type because it was an odd implementation-specific variance that wasn't covered by an extension that could be queried.  But that made sense when we weren't thinking of it as framebuffer-specific; since it does vary, then I agree that it doesn't make sense to fix it (since most everything with fbos is implementation-dependant anyway!).  Happy to change them back.

If we want to change it I would prefer dropping implementation dependent read format and either only support RGBA8888 or require software conversion to support any format.

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