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Re: [Public WebGL] Weird alpha issue.

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> I was wondering (for example) about the premultiplied alpha setting in
> the getContext call and in texImage2D. I'm not setting either of those
> flags either way - so if one or other were defaulting incorrectly in
> one
> or other browser...then maybe something like this would be the result.

Minefield defaults to false, as the spec says, so that shouldn't be the explanation.

> Incidentally - I've tried switching it out for another texture and the
> effect is the same. Looking around in my game 'world' I can see some
> other subtle differences with other translucent textures. I'm
> rendering text for some menus by rendering translucent letters onto a
> colored background - and I had noticed a while back that the font
> looked
> a lot better under Chrome than Minefield...but had kinda dismissed it.

> Now that I look carefully, the subtle antialiassing in the font
> texture
> maybe is being messed up for probably the same reason.

Could it be a color correction / gamma issue? There has been lots of recent discussion on this list about color correction, but Minefield still doesn't implement any of that. If Chromium does, that could explain differences.

> > If that is the case, you will definitely see a message in the error
> > console when you run with webgl.verbose=true.
> >
> Sadly...no message.

OK, so we can forget about the rejected-texture explanation.

> Thanks for all your help - I'm starting to feel bad for giving you all
> this negative info! Tomorrow I'll start working on narrowing this down
> to a simple test case.

Thanks, that would be most helpful! And sorry if it's Minefield bugs that take away your time.

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