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Re: [Public WebGL] Issue with Chrome 8.0.552.18

Hi Alan,
  Please file the bug at: bugs.chromium.org  .  Sounds like a regression.  Could you also please go to about:flags and enable GPU compositing to see if it makes a difference? 


On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 12:13 PM, alan@mechnicality.com <alan@mechnicality.com> wrote:

I'm seeing a problem with Chrome 8.0.552.18 on Windows Win 7/64. The problem appears to be that a web gl context can only be created once. After the first time I keep getting a context failed message. This is reproducible from content on the webgl wiki. All my own content appears to work on FF 4.0b6 on the same m/c.

If I close and restart the browser any given url renders - but reloading even the same URL using the browser reload fails.

Shall I file a bug report? I'm using --enable-webgl . Versions previous to 8.0.552.18 worked fine.


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