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[Public WebGL] frac or fract?

Under Minefield/Linux 64bit with nVidia hardware, GLSL happily accepts
"frac(...)" instead of "fract(...)" for returning the fractional part of
a number.  I guess that's because nVidia's GLSL compiler is really its
Cg compiler with a different front-end or something.  ("frac(...)" is
the correct name for this function in Cg).

It's kinda annoying because (having spent far too long programming in
Cg) I find it hard to break the habit of typing "frac" - and since I
habitually develop under Linux, I keep finding that my code breaks when
I run it under Windows.

Shouldn't the validator (which I have turned on BTW) have rejected
"frac" as an undefined function?

Meanwhile I'm resorting to:

    #define frac fract


  -- Steve

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