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[Public WebGL] Doing some profiling.

I've been using the nifty performance analysis tools in Chrome to see
where the bottlenecks are in my code - everything is pretty evenly
spread - no one function is eating more than a few percent of CPU -
except for gl.useProgram - which is eating about 20% of my CPU.  That's
on a Dual-Core 3.5GHz Win7 machine with an nVidia  GTX 285.  Second
worst is matrix rotation at 2%!

My scene content is sorted by shader so I'm not switching programs more
often than I have to and there are no GL errors showing up. Most of my
meshes are pretty large (500 to 4000 verts), so it's a little surprising
that just telling WebGL which shader to use is taking so much time.  
I'm guessing that calling gl.useProgram is actually stalling the GPU
pipeline - so what I'm actually seeing is the cost of mesh rendering
being subsumed into gl.useProgram...in which case, this isn't so surprising.

Anyway - just to be sure: Is there anything I need to know about
gl.useProgram that I could leverage to get some speedup?

  -- Steve

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