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[Public WebGL] After installing latest Minefield : VertexAttribPointer: index out of range

Hi, no that I've installed Minefield 4.0b08pre an error occurs :
VertexAttribPointer: index out of range - -1 >= 16
UniformMatrix4fv: location: null object passed as argument

The scene is not ligthened any more. So the UniformMatrix4fv error is
related to the normal matrix.
But I changed nothing since the last time it worked. I just installed
the newest minefield browser.

Actually there is no error shown in Minefield (but still no light
function) , i'ts shown only in Firefox 4.0b6.

In chromium 7.0.518.0 (58673) everything is fine.. no such error

What is responsible for that error?

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