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Re: [Public WebGL] Problem with typed arrays in firefox

However, one reason that this came up that I was is in trying to access
int32 data in an heterogeneous array. If we stick to the spec as it stands
then it means that it becomes a requirement that the array buffer is padded
to either modulo 2, 4,  or 8 if *any* of the data in the buffer is 2, 4, or
8 bytes in size and you access that data using an ArrayBufferView.
This is not the case. It's only true if you're using the constructor
that takes a byte offset but no length. It's a requirement that typed
array views start at a byte offset that is a multiple of their element
size (i.e., aligned accesses only) so you may need to pad at the
beginning of a region of a particular type, but not necessarily at the

Hmm. Good point. I was using that form of constructor because it saved having to remember where I'd got to whilst 'walking' through the buffer.



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