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Re: [Public WebGL] TypedArray specification and DataView

On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 4:41 PM, alan@mechnicality.com
<alan@mechnicality.com> wrote:
> Hi
> There is an inference in the DataView part of the specification that the
> optional constructor elements byteOffset and byteLength are used to provide
> a 'window' on the underlying ArrayBuffer (or that's how I'm reading it.)
> My assumptions are:
> if byteLength and byteOffset are not specifed in the constructor then the
> 'window' is a view on the entire array buffer  - ie the 'default' byteOffset
> = 0 and byteLength = the number of bytes in the array buffer.
> When the constructor byteOffset is != 0 then any setter/getter byte offset
> is added to the constructor byteOffset to calculate the relative position in
> the underlying array buffer.
> It is possible for the constructor to be invoked with illegal argument
> values for length and offset - will implementations detect this error or
> is/(will) the behavior (be) undefined?
> Sorry if I'm being a bit pedantic here, but the spec could probably benefit
> from a couple of extra lines just stating the above.

I've documented the constructor and getters/setters of DataView
similarly to those of the other Typed Array views. Does this address
your concerns?


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