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Re: [Public WebGL] Working with TypedArrays and heterogeneous data

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> Hi
> There are two forms of the gl.bindBuffer call - one has an ArrayBuffer
> parameter and one has an
> ArrayBufferView parameter. As far as I can see from looking at the
> source for WebKit, the actual
> type of the ArrayBufferView is ignored and its only the buffer data,
> offset and length that are
> used. Is this the intention? In other words, does it matter what view
> type is used in the
> ArrayBufferView case. There is, of course, no view type for a view on
> 'mixed' data.

That's the intention, yep -- the overloads are just there to make it possible to pass, say, a Float32Array |f| straight to bufferData (I assume you mean bufferData, not bindBuffer), instead of having to pass |f.buffer|.  Otherwise they behave exactly the same.

    - Vlad
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