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Re: [Public WebGL] Spec update regarding context attributes

El día 4 de octubre de 2010 18:10, Kenneth Russell <kbr@google.com> escribió:
> Per recent discussion, Section 2.1 of the WebGL specification has been
> updated to indicate that the WebGLContextAttributes passed to
> Canvas.getContext() are requests, not requirements. Please send any
> comments to the list.

The new language in section 2.1 says, "The passed attributes are
requests, not requirements. The WebGL implementation does not
guarantee that they will be obeyed, but should make a best effort to
honor them."

However, there is already language in section 2.2 which says, "By
default, the drawing buffer has an RGBA color buffer of at least 8
bits per component and an integer depth buffer of at least 16 bits.
The optional WebGLContextAttributes object may be used to change these

These two sentences seem in conflict with each other.  In my opinion,
that paragraph in section 2.2 could be removed at this point as it is
either conflicting or redundant with other parts of the spec.


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