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Re: [Public WebGL] Odd behavior on eePC netbook.

Hi Steve,

That IS an interesting question.

There definitely are shader length and functionality limitations that you'll hit on that machine even under DX9 (being only SM2 capable).
I certainly would have expected to get *some* form of error message out of ANGLE if that is the case though (although maybe it depends on the vintage of the driver). 

Any chance you can try the shader using ANGLE independently from the browser?


On 2010-10-09, at 12:17 AM, Steve Baker wrote:

Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
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So what about Firefox? Is it punting on context creation because the
maximum fragment shader length that the hardware can support is less
than some minimum spec or something? Should Chrome (technically) be
punting too?

Nope -- Chrome is using ANGLE by default, so is going through dx9.  We're only trying to create a GL context, which being GL 1.4, won't have sufficient capabilities for WebGL.  You can get a somewhat out-of-date test extension from http://people.mozilla.com/~vladimir/misc/angleproject.xpi that'll enable ANGLE in Firefox, though we're working on getting it available in the core build.

   - Vlad

Ah!  That makes perfect sense.  Thanks!

Now - why no error messages after a failed shader link in Chrome?   Is
it just that the underlying driver isn't being too communicative - or is
ANGLE failing to get the right error returns from DX9?

 -- Steve

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