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[Public WebGL] TypedArray specification and DataView


There is an inference in the DataView part of the specification that the optional constructor elements byteOffset and byteLength are used to provide a 'window' on the underlying ArrayBuffer (or that's how I'm reading it.)

My assumptions are:

if byteLength and byteOffset are not specifed in the constructor then the 'window' is a view on the entire array buffer - ie the 'default' byteOffset = 0 and byteLength = the number of bytes in the array buffer.

When the constructor byteOffset is != 0 then any setter/getter byte offset is added to the constructor byteOffset to calculate the relative position in the underlying array buffer.

It is possible for the constructor to be invoked with illegal argument values for length and offset - will implementations detect this error or is/(will) the behavior (be) undefined?

Sorry if I'm being a bit pedantic here, but the spec could probably benefit from a couple of extra lines just stating the above.



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