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Re: [Public WebGL] Minefield brings system to halt

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> Hi Benoit,
> thank you for your fast response.
> Am 21.09.2010 16:30, schrieb Benoit Jacob:
> > Another thing that's worth trying is setting webgl.shader_validator
> > to false, to see if it's an issue with our ANGLE copy or the way
> > that we're using it.
> I first started testing in Firefox Beta: when disabling the shader
> validator both mentioned demos (the shadows and the cube map/
> multi-texture shader) both work again as expected :-) (though the
> console still tells s.th. about "been bound to a different target").
> This really hints to an ANGLE problem, because I then double checked
> my
> Chromium settings and remembered that there I have had to activate the
> "--use-gl=desktop" flag to make it work (Chrome Beta is ok without)...

Ah! Very interesting.

I would like to report to ANGLE but this is quite nontrivial as we would probably need a small testcase. If we could bisect it to a precise shader, that would probably help!

Alternatively, there's a good hope that some ANGLE devs are reading this list anyway ... ;-)

> Concerning NeedFakeVertexAttrib0() I'd assume that this check is
> simply
> too vague,

Well the check that results in the error message is in the part of the code that I elided. There are still questions that could not be easily explained by a bug there:
 - why does the VBO have no data when drawElements is called? Is it a race condition in loading resources, as was suspected last week on this list about the Caves demo?
 - why does drawElements get called to draw only 1 vertex?


> since there hasn't been any problem with rendering before,
> at
> least on those machines with a fairly good GPU -- even in the case
> attribute 0 wasn't set (what I admittedly don't know because I haven't
> checked it as we dynamically assign the locations based on the name of
> the respective attribute in the shader via getAttribLocation).
> Cheers
> Yvonne
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> Yvonne Jung
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