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Re: [Public WebGL] Minefield brings system to halt

Hi Benoit,

thank you for your fast response.

Am 21.09.2010 16:30, schrieb Benoit Jacob:
Another thing that's worth trying is setting webgl.shader_validator to false, to see if it's an issue with our ANGLE copy or the way that we're using it.

I first started testing in Firefox Beta: when disabling the shader validator both mentioned demos (the shadows and the cube map/ multi-texture shader) both work again as expected :-) (though the console still tells s.th. about "been bound to a different target").

This really hints to an ANGLE problem, because I then double checked my Chromium settings and remembered that there I have had to activate the "--use-gl=desktop" flag to make it work (Chrome Beta is ok without)...

Concerning NeedFakeVertexAttrib0() I'd assume that this check is simply too vague, since there hasn't been any problem with rendering before, at least on those machines with a fairly good GPU -- even in the case attribute 0 wasn't set (what I admittedly don't know because I haven't checked it as we dynamically assign the locations based on the name of the respective attribute in the shader via getAttribLocation).


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