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[Public WebGL] Stencil context creation attribute

This is somewhat minor, but I was wondering if it would be helpful to
loosen the language in the spec about the stencil context creation
attribute.  In particular, I am thinking about some drivers where the
only supported depth buffer format is a packed depth/stencil one.

The language for the stencil context creation attribute currently
says, "If the value is false, no stencil buffer is available." I think
it would be useful to change this to say something like, "If the value
is false, the stencil buffer is not guaranteed to be available." This
would allow for cases where a packed depth/stencil buffer can be used
to satisfy the request for a depth buffer.

The alternative would be to keep the language of the spec, but have
WebGL implementations lie about the existence of the stencil buffer
and short-circuit any calls to enable it.  However, that approach
feels overly complex to me.  Arguably, these context creation
attributes are being provided so that a user can control the amount of
memory that's getting created for their framebuffer.  Misrepresenting
that doesn't create any advantages.


(Additionally, are there cases where the only supported stencil buffer
format is a packed depth/stencil format? If so, then maybe the above
change in language needs to be made for depth context creation
attributes as well.)

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