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Re: [Public WebGL] The Newly Expanded Color Space Issue

On 13/09/2010, at 1:48 PM, Mark Callow wrote:
>> I think that having the schizophrenic raw import of data and sRGB composition is one of those mathematical hacks we still need to live with for now. 
> Do you see the contradiction between your two statements?

It is schizophrenic, there's no doubt about that. OpenGL itself is linear, but if it copies the input to the output then it can be handling sRGB values without colour space issues.

The colour space issues kick in when linear calculations are performed on sRGB data, but it's not _too_ bad until the calculations become increasingly intricate. That's handled by the (future) extension for sRGB textures which presumably convert to 12 bit or higher while used in the shader but doesn't require the space for 12 bit textures.


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