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Re: [Public WebGL] Gamma correction and texImage2D/texSubImage2D

 On 07/09/2010 21:42, Chris Marrin wrote:
> I believe our task in conditioning the image for use by the HTML compositor is simply to convert it (if necessary) into sRGB space. That is at least what the WebKit compositor expects, and it does any further conversion into device space from there. If those downstream conversions are not correct, that's not our problem, it's a browser problem. Some browsers may indeed do that incorrectly, but we shouldn't be trying to fix that.
What do you mean by the "image" here? If you mean GL renderbuffer
holding the rendered canvas data then I agree with you. That would be
the equivalent to loading data for an img tag and compositing it to an
ordinary web page.

If you mean the incoming data from the img tag, i.e. all we need to do
is convert to sRGB then pass it to TexImage2D as RGB8 then I completely
disagree. Why do you think the SRGB8{,_ALPHA8} texture formats exist in



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