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Re: [Public WebGL] Gamma correction and texImage2D/texSubImage2D

El 3 de septiembre de 2010 08:47, Chris Marrin <cmarrin@apple.com> escribió:
> I think it would be useful to have the unlit case behave the same as
> rendering to a 2D canvas, which would gamma correct. I believe the
> differences in the lit case would be subtle and it's only if authors are
> trying to be very precise that they will care. In that case, they can
> turn it off. But my opinion on this is not strong.

I agree that the unlit case should ideally behave the same as
rendering to a 2D canvas. However, as Steve points out, this would be
much better implemented as a context creation attribute that the
compositor could respect.  It could default to having gamma correction
turned on.

Additionally, if you need a packing flag for texture loads, I think
the most useful operation is the opposite of the one proposed--to
transform non-linear input textures into the appropriate linear space
for lighting.  Using non-linear textures as storage and input arguably
gives you more color resolution in the dark part of the spectrum, so
it might be useful to support that.  D3DSAMP_SRGBTEXTURE is an example
of this sort of texture load flag.


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