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Re: [Public WebGL] ETC texture compression.

On Aug 26, 2010, at 6:40 PM, Steve Baker wrote:

>> ...
>> In all honesty I find myself wondering if the API should simply be something akin to telling the WebGL implementation to use a compressed texture if possible, then leaving it up to the implementation to determine the best format on the current platform.
> Yeah - but it's not just a platform decision.  You might choose only to
> compress your largest textures (on the grounds that they are 90% of the
> problem) - and you certainly don't want to compress normal maps using
> ETC1.   There are also many reasons for using textures that are utterly
> unrelated to RGB data - or even "texels" in the conventional sense.  For
> those kinds of thing, you CERTAINLY don't want the hardware messing with
> your data.

We could certainly let the author specify some parameters. We recently discussed adding a flag to say that we don't want the image to be changed (color space converted, gamma corrected, etc.) to allow data to be sent to the GPU via images. We could have another that lets the author favor space over quality for a given texture. This would be a hint so the implementation could ignore it if no such space savings is possible.

But all this was moot. At the last WG meeting we decided that the 1.0 spec would include no extensions at all, required or allowed. It will simply have the extension mechanism and we will leave the definition of specific extensions to later.


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