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Re: [Public WebGL] ETC texture compression.

Use in implementation of a Khronos API should be no problem as, under the Khronos membership agreement terms, Ericsson implicitly  granted such a license when the ETC extension spec. was ratified. The license text in the source code does not reflect this. We are working on it with Ericsson's legal department to correct it. Please be patient.



Chris Marrin wrote:

This is where the licensing for the software ETC1 decompressor becomes an issue. If such a thing were unencumbered a WebGL implementation could use it to decompress ETC1 textures on systems without direct support and send the texture to the hardware uncompressed. An implementation could also recompress the image into a format supported by the hardware, but this might not be desirable because it would produce unexpected artifacts.

The bottom line is that a WebGL implementation supporting ETC1 would have to accept these textures as input, what it does with them is implementation specific. But for universal support an unencumbered ETC1 decompressor is needed.

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