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[Public WebGL] Proposed change to WebGL Event definition

Currently the spec shows two event interfaces: WebGLContextLostEvent and WebGLContextRestoredEvent. Other Event generators in HTML tend to use a single Event object with many event types. For instance, there is a MouseEvent object with event types like "click", "mousedown", "mouseup", etc. 

I propose we change the spec to have a single WebGLContextEvent object with 3 event types:

	contextlost			- The rendering context has lost its state.

	contextrestored		- The rendering context state can be restored. 

	contextcreationerror	- An error occured when an attempt was made to create the context

The IDL would be similar to the existing objects, with error information added:

	interface WebGLContextEvent : Event {
		// Status codes
		const unsigned short CONTEXT_LOST = 1;
		const unsigned short CONTEXT_RESTORED = 2;
		const unsigned short NOT_AVAILABLE = 3; // WebGL is not supported or not enabled
		const unsigned short NOT_SUPPORTED = 4; // Graphics hardware does not support WebGL
		const unsigned short OTHER_ERROR = 5; // Some other error occurred when creating context, details in statusMessage

		readonly attribute WebGLRenderingContext context;
		readonly attribute unsigned short statusCode;
		readonly attribute DOMString statusMessage;
		void initWebGLContextEvent(DOMString typeArg,
								     boolean canBubbleArg, 
								     boolean cancelableArg, 
								     WebGLRenderingContext contextArg, 
								     unsigned short errorCodeArg, 
								     DOMString statusMessageArg); 

The contextlost event type would always have a statusCode of CONTEXT_LOST and contextrestored would always have a statusCode of CONTEXT_RESTORED. But both of these events can have a statusMessage which gives more details. I've included status codes for the two most common reasons a context could not be created and then a catch-all. I don't think we should go too far down the path of defining error codes. Many are platform specific and can be returned as OTHER_ERROR with a statusMessage.



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