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Re: [Public WebGL] texImage2D calls with HTMLVideoElement

El día 20 de agosto de 2010 01:35, Tim Johansson <timj@opera.com> escribió:

> I agree, I think it would be a mistake to define it differently than the 2d
> canvas since it would be kind of confusing to everyone. If we define how it
> should work now and 2d canvas later defines it differently we will have the
> same problem.
> I would prefer that if we want to clarify the behavior we essentially just
> say it should work the same way it works in 2d canvas. We could also push to
> have it better specified in 2d canvas if required.

Staying consistent with the 2d canvas spec is a good goal.

Upon rereading it, the 2d canvas spec appears to be much clearer about
where the source data comes from and what its implicit size is.  I
like the idea of clarifying the WebGL behavior by saying that
texImage2D calls for html elements are consistent with how they are
treated during drawImage on a 2d canvas.


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