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[Public WebGL] Linux/Firefox performance.

A couple of months ago, we talked about how the compositing of the WebGL
rendering context into the browser canvas in Firefox/Linux(64bit) was
being done in software - resulting in even a simple clear-screen
operation running between 30Hz on a 320x200 canvas and 6Hz on a
1280x1024 canvas.   By contrast, the same software running on the same
fairly old computer - with the same browser version (last night's build)
under WinXP gets a more or less constant 30Hz irrespective of canvas size.

I'm in the process of deciding what I can afford to allow in terms of
window size and rendering complexity in my final game.  Is there any
prospect of this performance hole under Linux getting fixed?   I don't
need it done immediately - but I'd like to know whether there is some
reasonable expectation that it'll be fixed before WebGL "goes mainstream".

  -- Steve

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