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[Public WebGL] Shader reload.

I've had a growing suspicion (which I finally verified today) that
sometimes Firefox/Minefield does not reload shader files via HTTP when
you force a reload - either by clicking on the Reload icon with the
shift-key held down - or by typing Ctrl+Shift+R.   Several times now
I've uploaded a new shader file onto the server and the browser has
continued to use the old one - even after forcing a reload.   The only
thing that seems to un-wedge it is to clear the shader cache.

I have no special reload directives in my HTML file - and I'm loading
shaders using:

  var shader = gl.createShader(type);
  gl.shaderSource  ( shader, shaderSrc ) ;
  gl.compileShader ( shader ) ;

I've definitely seen it happen several times with Vertex shaders...I'm
not 100% sure whether I've seen it with Fragment shaders or not.  HTML
and JS files reload just fine - and I haven't noticed issues with textures.

  -- Steve

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