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[Public WebGL] Re: [Public WebGL] Re: [Public WebGL] Eff ects of Completeness on Texture Image Specific ation

 On 2010/08/13 12:35, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> ...
> The GL ES 2.0.24 says, in section 3.8.2, that a NPOT mipmapped texture should be rendered as if it were opaque black.
Section 3.8.2 is talking about fragment shader behavior in the event of
sampling improperly specified textures.
> (Even though such a NPOT mipmapped texture can still be "complete" in the sense of section 3.7.10).
> I can't see where in the spec it is said that such a texture creation call should generate an error?
The test you mentioned is not creating a texture, it is attempting to
copy to the level 1 texture image of an NPOT texture.

Section 3.7.1 says glTexImage2D returns INVALID_VALUE if level > 0 for
NPOT textures.

Section 3.7.2 says the level parameter of glCopyTexImage2D is
interpreted in exactly the same way as the level parameter of
glTexImage2D. Hence the check for INVALID_VALUE in the test.

Section 3.7.11 says glGenerateMipmap returns INVALID_OPERATION for NPOT

What is not clear about this? There is no way to load images to anything
other than level 0 of an NPOT texture.

3.8.2 comes into play if the application has specified a mipmapped
minification filter or a wrap mode for an NPOT texture. TexParameter
does not flag an error because the texture image(s) might well be
changed prior to use in rendering.



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