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[Public WebGL] texImage2D calls with HTMLVideoElement

I was looking at the WebGL spec about the tex(Sub)Image2D calls and
had two questions:

1) Why do the texImage2D calls that take HTMLMediaElement parameters
allow the specification of format and type? Along those same lines,
why is the spec so insistent that image data must be downconverted to
lower precision if it is specified?

The only use case I can imagine is that with a packed format you save
on upload bandwidth and texture memory at the expense of conversion,
but only if the HTMLMediaElement is being composited on the CPU, which
is likely to not be the case for most of those element types in the
future.  The element's width and height are already implicitly used as
parameters in the call--why not the format as well?

2) Regarding the texImage2D call with the HTMLVideoElement, the spec
is unclear about how to handle poster attributes.  Is this
intentionally left as an implementation detail?

Forgive me if either of these have been discussed before.  I tried
searching the email archives, but couldn't turn anything up.

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