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[Public WebGL] WebKit and Chromium WebGL updates

A brief note on recent updates to the WebKit WebGL implementation
shared by Safari and Chromium, and one on Chromium in particular.

 - WebGL shader validation and translation via the ANGLE project is
now enabled by default in Chromium continuous builds. This means that
all shaders loaded into WebGL must conform to the WebGL shading
language requirements, which are a superset of the OpenGL ES 2.0
shading language specification. From a practical standpoint, you
should only have to add the following line to your fragment shader to
make it compliant:

precision highp float;


precision mediump float;

If you need to make your shader temporarily work both on compliant and
non-compliant WebGL implementations, you can add the following:

#ifdef GL_ES
precision highp float;

If you encounter any problems with this change, please post to the
list. You can temporarily disable the shader translator if necessary
by passing the command line argument --disable-glsl-translator .

The shader translator should be enabled imminently in WebKit nightly
builds as well.

 - Support for the obsolete texImage2D and texSubImage2D variants,
which did not include the format, internal format or type arguments
and which accepted premultiplyAlpha and flipY as optional arguments,
has been removed.

 - The obsolete WebGLArray type names, as well as WebGLArrayBuffer,
have been removed. The current WebGL and TypedArray draft
specifications describe the supported names.

All of these changes are either present in the Chromium continuous
builds and WebKit nightly builds, or will show up in the next one.
Please post if you run into any problems.


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