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Re: [Public WebGL] Why GL 2.x?

If WebGL can be made to work on top of 2.x - then that extends the range
of ancient hardware that it'll work on. If we can make that happen
without compromise to the new standard - then it's a good thing that
people are checking the details.

-- Steve

Mark Callow wrote:
> In several discussions on this list recently, it has emerged that
> people are using GL 2.x drivers and documentation. I am curious why
> this is. Is it (a) because it is hard to get the lastest 3.x or 4.x GL
> drivers from the desktop vendors. Or (b) is it because GPUs that can
> support GL 3.x are still relatively rare in the real world. Or (c)
> some other reason?
> Regards
>     -Mark

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