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Re: [Public WebGL] download/activity indicator

On Aug 6, 2010, at 4:22 PM, Mark Callow wrote:

When WebGL apps are loading there often be times when the browser status bar says "Done" but nothing is apparently happening. E.g, the Spore demo. In the case of Spore it is downloading the model data. In other cases in fact nothing is happening because the app. is broken.

This is very user unfriendly. Can browser vendors make the download/activity indicator operate when WebGL apps are loading model data? Then if the browser says "Done" and nothing has appeared, users will know there is a problem.

The Spore model is being downloaded with XHR, which gives plenty of events telling you its progress. But it's up to the author to use these events to give the user feedback. The fact that Vlad is not doing this is just shameful :-) (I don't do it either!)

You do see some demos that popup a dialog if they fail to get a WebGL context and that give a busy indicator while data is being loaded. You're starting to see WebGL libraries  that have this functionality built in. So in the future I think you'll see the feedback more...