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Re: [Public WebGL] download/activity indicator

This less of a browser issue and more of an issue for the application
writers, who should be providing their own indicators of
progress/lack-of-progress of downloading. The browser really doesn't
know if that background download is essential for the 3D to run or if
it's being loaded for use later, or even if it's being streamed on the
fly (say, displaying a mesh without textures while still downloading
the image data). It's no different from a desktop GL app, that needs
to inform its users how things are going as well...the OS doesn't
handle it, the app does. Only difference is the addition of network
latency on top of disk and memory latency.

2010/8/6 Mark Callow <callow_mark@hicorp.co.jp>:
> When WebGL apps are loading there often be times when the browser status bar
> says "Done" but nothing is apparently happening. E.g, the Spore demo. In the
> case of Spore it is downloading the model data. In other cases in fact
> nothing is happening because the app. is broken.
> This is very user unfriendly. Can browser vendors make the download/activity
> indicator operate when WebGL apps are loading model data? Then if the
> browser says "Done" and nothing has appeared, users will know there is a
> problem.
> Regards
> -Mark
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