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Re: [Public WebGL] Shader validator / demos

Thanks Vlad. I did turn on the shader validator via about:config and it does work. The errorĀ  message box that pops up when a shader has an error would be meaningless to 99.8% of users. Maybe a heading like "This page's WebGL shader has the following errors:" would help.



On 2010/08/06 16:26, Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
Yup, that is correct.  I was planning on turning things on yesterday, but we had some build infrastructure problems preventing me from doing so.  You should be able to flip the pref as mentioned in my original mail and things should work.

As far as console is not defined, some of the demos depend on a non-standard console object always being present; I'll go through and see about fixing those.  You can get a console defined in Fx by opening up the (work-in-progress) console from the tools menu, though.

    - Vlad

----- Original Message -----
The shader validator still is not on by default in the Firefox 4 beta
4 nightly that I installed an hour ago.

The majority of the demos in the public wiki do not run in Firefox.
The ones that originate from Apple all give, among other things, a
"console is not defined" error.


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