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Re: [Public WebGL] Why GL 2.x?

An example of "using" is the message from Greg about the shader validator. He stated he is linking with an OpenGL 2.x library and therefore didn't find certain #defines. As for documentation, there have been several recent messages containing words to the effect of "I looked in the 2.x spec." or I" couldn't find Y  in the 2.x spec." 



On 2010/08/06 14:49, Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
Hmm, what do you mean by "people are using GL 2.x drivers and documentation"?  I would think people are using whatever driver they have and in general ignoring the actual max GL version supported; I'd expect most people working webgl to have relatively recent drivers (which in the windows case are at least GL 3.x, unless the hardware just can't do it).  For the documentation piece, I'm not sure what's being referenced, though.

    - Vlad

----- Original Message -----
In several discussions on this list recently, it has emerged that
people are using GL 2.x drivers and documentation. I am curious why
this is. Is it (a) because it is hard to get the lastest 3.x or 4.x GL
drivers from the desktop vendors. Or (b) is it because GPUs that can
support GL 3.x are still relatively rare in the real world. Or (c)
some other reason?


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