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Re: [Public WebGL] KTX file format

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> On Aug 6, 2010, at 11:27 AM, Mark Callow wrote:
> > Ericsson's intent is that the code be usable for purposes related to
> > Khronos Group APIs which WebGL surely is. I see that the license as
> > currently written would not cover WebGL on D3D. This case is very
> > similar to using the decompressor in a software implementation of
> > OpenGL ES which they definitely intended to be permissible. So I am
> > confident we can get Ericsson to amend the license. Thanks for
> > pointing out the problem.
> Unless they amend it to be BSD compatible, I think it's a showstopper
> for companies like Mozilla.

Yep, it would definitely be a challenge, though it would depend on what the license is; doesn't necessarily have to be BSD, but still has to be fairly open.

    - Vlad
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