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[Public WebGL] Re: texParameteri and texParameterf

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> On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 01:56:19PM -0700, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> > (You don't mind that I re-add the list in CC, do you?)
> That's fine. I am not subscribed => probably can't post to it and
> don't want to get bounces.
> > Thanks, but this Chapter 2 is 40 pages long; could you please refer
> > to a more specific part of it?
> "Data Conversion" and "GL Errors" subsections of the ES spec.

Thanks, I have read these sections now, but they don't seem to imply that texParameterf should accept integer parameters if the float value happens to be integral. Indeed, in 2.1.2 Data Conversion, it's said that float-to-integer conversions are done with the formula

    int = (float * (2^b - 1) - 1) / 2

where b is the bit width of the integer type, i.e. they are talking about a different kind of conversion.

To be honest it sounds saner to me, and it makes my life easier, to just let texParameterf reject pnames that are meant to take integers (unless in the future some explitly says it accepts floats) so I think I'll stick with that until someone shows me some spec proving me wrong!

Thanks for your patience,

> Jon
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