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[Public WebGL] Re: texParameteri and texParameterf

(re-adding the list in CC)

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> On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 01:15:17PM -0700, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> > Thanks for the speedy answer. I have one more question: what should
> > be the behavior when calling texParameterf with a pname that expects
> > an integer value?
> >  1. should it just fail with INVALID_ENUM?
> >  2. or should it succeed provided that the float param happens to be
> >  integral (e.g. 123.000f)?
> It does not fail in GL, there are defined conversion rules.
> Jon

Ah OK. I hadn't read the desktop GL spec.

I have read the WebGL and GL ES specs and haven't found any clue about whether this should fail or not. Does someone know where this is defined, or should the spec be clarified?

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