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[Public WebGL] Canvas resize.

So I have an HTML5 <canvas> - and I used canvas.getContext (yaddayadda)
to get the GL rendering context...but I don't understand how canvas and
context a relating to one-another.

If something resizes the canvas using:


...the GL context doesn't resize with it - instead, it stays the same
number of pixels and is rendered into the bottom-left corner of an
up-sized canvas or cropped if it's a down-sized canvas.

I guess I'm supposed to destroy the GL context, reload textures and
shaders and create a new one?   But that's a time-consuming thing.

I'd kinda hoped that the old GL context could be stretched or squashed
to fit the canvas until I could recreate and replace it so that the user
experience would be that the image might go a bit blurry or aliassy for
a few seconds after a resize.  Is there a way to do that - or am I just
going about this all wrong?

  -- Steve

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