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Re: [Public WebGL] remove transpose param from uniformMatrix* ?

I'm not quite sure what your point is. Users do have to transpose matrices themselves 

The parameter is there in OpenGL ES because (a) it is there in OpenGL, and (b) the functionality is very likely to be added in a future version. There are many other examples where a parameter was kept even though it must always be set to a particular value because the underlying functionality was removed. We decided that is less confusing than OpenGL ES & OpenGL having different function signatures.



On 14/07/2010 11:27, Andor Salga wrote:
Excuse me if this has already been discussed,

 The OpenGL ES spec states the transpose parameter must always be false when calling uniformMatrix*. Is this something we want in WebGL? It seems to just cause confusion. Or are there plans to support this parameter? Wouldn't it make sense to just have the users transpose matrices themselves?

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