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Re: [Public WebGL] Weird texture problems.

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 6:15 PM, Steve Baker <steve@sjbaker.org> wrote:
I'm testing my WebGL app on some ancient hardware - probing to see where
the compatibility envelope is - and I'm getting some really strange
texture mapping errors on simple RGB textures on an nVidia GeForce GO
6400 with WinXP and Minefield.

The texture is a 16x1024 texels .PNG - (ultimately, it's a lookup table
for another calculation - but it goes wrong even when I don't use it
that way).  Because this is really a lookup table, I'm only reading the
".rg" components of the map and only using one axis of the texture - so
in the minimal test case, my shader is something like:

  gl_FragColor = vec4 ( texture2D ( myMap, vec2(0.5, texCoord.y ) ).rg,
0, 1 ) ;

If the '.b' component of the map is all zeroes, the colors come out
perfectly...but if I put non-zero data in blue, the red and green go
nuts...nothing like the data I put in (48,51,128)==>(22,65,128) and
(16,64,0)==>(0,79,0) !   It doesn't seem to be an addressing issue
because the colors I'm getting don't have the value of any of the texels
in the original map...and it doesn't look like a MIPmapping issue either
because the colors that I see are nowhere near the average of my texels.

The program/shader/texture works great on all manner of other hardware,
OS's, etc).

Any ideas?   Is it possible that some kind of lossy compression might be
happening under the hood?  I've seen this kind of thing with DXT
compression before...but this is uncompressed .PNG.

Somethings off the top of my head.

Some browsers look at the color space field inside a .PNG and adjust the pixels.

Also some browsers pre-multiply by alpha.

Both of those are are supposed to be avoided when using a PNG in WebGL but I don't think any browsers have implemented that yet.

Given the behavior you are seeing that doesn't sound like it's the issue though. Sorry I can't be more help.

 -- Steve.

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