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Re: [Public WebGL] Software rendering on Windows Vista

Hi Sitaram,

Recently the Mozilla team made a change that stopped Minefield from working with that version of Mesa on Windows -- at the same time, it made it possible to use the version which is shipped as standard with most versions of Linux. 

This will be fixed sometime soon (perhaps by making a new version of Mesa available for Windows users, or perhaps by some other method) but in the meantime you're probably best-off using this older version of Minefield: <http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/3.7a4-candidates/build1/>  -- this should work with the version of Mesa you got from Vladimir's site.



On 22 June 2010 06:21, Sitaram Naik <sitaram147@yahoo.com> wrote:

I have "Intel GMA 4500MHD" graphics card which supports up to OpenGL 1.5. Operating system is Windows Vista 32-bit. So I cannot have hardware acceleration for WebGL.

For software rendering, I installed:

Mesa 7.8.1
Minefield 3.7a5pre

Updated the about:config values as follows:

webgl.enabled_for_all_sites true
webgl.osmesalib D:\Mesa3D\Mesa-7.8.1\lib\OSMESA32.dll
webgl.software_render true

When I tried to load page:


Got an error as follows:

Could not initialise WebGL, sorry :-(

Then I downloaded OSMESA32.dll from the following site:


Replaced the original DLL and tried to load WebGL page, I got same error.

Please let me know what is missing in my system. Or let me know if I need to download any particular version of software to run WebGL.


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