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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGL Shader Validation

----- "Oliver Hunt" <oliver@apple.com> wrote:

> The other issue that exists is that even if the OS was willing to kill
> off the GPU insanely quickly (say 5ms), i could still write a piece of
> code that hammered the GPU by restarting the bad shader.  This would
> (effectively) produce a DoS of the entire machine.

Well, at that point the browser itself can get in play -- if it knows that the shader was killed off (or even if it knows that the entire system was reset, like we can find out on Windows because we lose contexts, I believe), we can blacklist webgl for that page (until reload or something similiar).  I think the key piece is making sure that control is returned to the browser within a reasonable amount of time.  If it is, then we can build on top of that.  But if we never get control, that's where the problems lie.

    - Vlad
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