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Re: [Public WebGL] WebGL Shader Validation

----- "Steve Baker" <steve@sjbaker.org> wrote:

> Since there is little or no practical use for shader programs that don't
> complete within a very small fraction of a second - a one second (or so)
> watchdog timer would seem to be the best - and perhaps only - pragmatic
> solution.  We could even allow users to set how long the timer would
> wait before killing the web page in some 'about:config' page just in
> case they want to use WebGL for some kind of non-traditional use (eg
> CUDA-like applications).

If we had a way to do this (abort execution while inside a long-running shader), we wouldn't be having this conversation :-)  The problem is that in most cases your entire system is locked up waiting for the GPU to come back; Windows Vista/7 handles this case by forcibly resetting the entire graphics card (and thus killing any contexts), which is probably the best response for now.  But that functionality isn't available to any programs to use directly, and no equivalent exists on other platforms.  Something might happen on that front, but even if it does we need a solution for older (current) driver versions; that solution might be "you don't get to run complex shader programs until you upgrade your drivers", though.

    - Vlad
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