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Re: [Public WebGL] OpenCL in WebGL?


If we could have one thread (first) updating textures an issuing draw calls only and the second thread running the appilication and updating the scenegraph that would be better. Even better if the draw loop can be native which includes alot of scenegraph traversing etc.


not easy getting good preformance in real time graphics, it has been my bread and butter for a good while now at some companies having serious problems even if they use C++ and 3D engines such as Unreal 3,

Good luck,


On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 5:47 AM, stephen white <steve@adam.com.au> wrote:
Even with the current efforts to optimise things, I can only get about 500 draw commands for interactive frame rates, even though each draw can be arbitrarily complex once the GPU has been told what to do.


So something like the above article and video looks like an interesting way around the slow _javascript_ problems. To see what I mean, change lesson 9 from learningwebgl to have 500 points.


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