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Re: [Public WebGL] Help needed to configure browser

On Jun 12, 2010, at 6:12 PM, Steve Baker wrote:

> There are some Intel motherboard chipsets that don't have OpenGL drivers
> in some versions of Windows - in those situations, you need to enable
> the software implementation of OpenGL (which is another checkbox in the
> about:config menu).  However, doing that is going to be abysmally slow
> for all but the simplest cases.
> But if you have even a halfway decent graphics device on your machine
> (an nVidia 6800 card from 2004 runs WebGL just fine on my oldest
> computer!) - then the things you did should have been enough to make it 
> work.  Since that didn't work, we have to assume that your graphics
> system doesn't have OpenGL drivers.
> (It would be nice if the JavaScript canvas creation stuff gave the
> application enough information to produce a better error message under
> these circumstances!)

Hopefully when we have ANGLE based WebGL implementations, these problems should go away.


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