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Re: [Public WebGL] A different approach to interleaved typed arrays

On Jun 11, 2010, at 11:22 AM, Oliver Hunt wrote:

> I was thinking an alternative approach to the array of structures approach (which looks to be extraordinarily complicated if it's at all achievable) would be a structure of arrays, eg. you define your type as in the last structure concept, but instead of 
> array[i].x
> you would do
> array.x[i]

And what do I get back if I say 'array.x'? Would it be an Array, a TypedArray or something else? And I assume if you did that you would get a new object with a copy of the array elements. If so, can you avoid creating that object with 'array.x[i]? If so, this seems like an interesting proposal. 

And what object type would 'array' be? How would you define the structure?


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