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[Public WebGL] Need to start getting serious about shaders

I've been going around the web this morning looking at WebGL content and I am concerned. There are several examples that have a variety of shader problems. The two most notable ones are:

1) doing math between floats and ints without an explicit cast (allowed on some NVidia drivers but not ATI on Mac)

2) Using Features of GLSL 1.2 like float arrays with constructors

Add to that the fact that NONE of the existing content will work in OpenGL ES because they don't have precision qualifiers (at least none that I've found).

So I have a comment and a question. My comment is that pretty much everything will break once we turn on shader validation. I know we've talked about it, I just wanted to prepare everyone for that fact. My question is, I know the ANGLE shader validator will deal with the precision qualifier issue, but does it also check for the above two errors? I would assume it will correctly reject (2) since that is a syntactic problem. But does it validate data types and operations and correctly reject (1)?


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