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Re: [Public WebGL] vertex attrib 0

In the interest of avoiding "what the heck is going on, why does it not work?" head-scratching, I suggest that calling a drawing operation without an enabled array at vertex attrib index 0 should generate INVALID_OPERATION.

    - Vlad

----- "Vladimir Vukicevic" <vladimir@mozilla.com> wrote:

> A while ago we had a discussion about making vertex attrib index 0
> special, and requiring that it be enabled with an array bound, but I
> don't think we ever documented that anywhere.  I think we have to add
> this -- the gl-vertexattrib.html test in the test suite fails with
> attrib index 0 on a wide variety of cards/desktop GLSL drivers, but
> works fine with index 1.
>     - Vlad
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