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[Public WebGL] WebGL specification updates


A large number of updates to the WebGL and TypedArray specifications
have been checked in. Here is the commit message indicating what was
changed. Please review and send your feedback to the list.

We are starting now to implement these changes in WebKit's WebGL code;
I gather that Mozilla is doing the same. Hopefully within a couple of
weeks the implementations will have converged on the new


Incorporated specification changes from WebGL face-to-face meeting on
May 25-26, 2010, and from discussion on the public mailing list:

 - Added section on Premultiplied Alpha, Canvas APIs and texImage2D,
   and referred to it from the specification of the premultipliedAlpha
   flag in the WebGLContextAttributes.
 - Added section on Enabled Vertex Attributes and Range Checking, and
   referred to it from the specifications of enableVertexAttribArray,
   drawArrays and drawElements, as well as from the Resource
   Restrictions specification. Deleted now-obsolete section on
   ArrayBuffer and Uninitialized Data.
 - Added differences section on extension queries. Removed EXTENSIONS
   enum from WebGL spec.
 - Added WebGL-specific UNPACK_FLIP_Y_WEBGL,
 - Added Pixel Storage Parameters section documenting
   and referred to it from pixelStorei, texImage2D and texSubImage2D
 - Removed getString() and added its legal arguments to the
   documentation of getParameter(). Added UNPACK_FLIP_Y_WEBGL and
   UNPACK_PREMULTIPLY_ALPHA_WEBGL to table of return values from
 - Documented return values for getParameter taking RENDERER,
 - Added internalformat, format and type arguments to texImage2D
   variants taking ImageData, HTMLImageElement, HTMLCanvasElement and
   HTMLVideoElement. Removed flipY and asPremultipliedAlpha arguments.
   Added documentation for new arguments and semantics.
 - Added format and type arguments to texSubImage2D variants taking
   ImageData, HTMLImageElement, HTMLCanvasElement and
   HTMLVideoElement. Removed flipY and asPremultipliedAlpha arguments.
   Referred to texImage2D documentation.
 - Updated readPixels() specification to take ArrayBufferView as
   argument rather than returning it. Specified behavior for
   out-of-range pixels and mismatches between type and pixels
   arguments, the latter for texImage2D as well.
 - Expanded specification of WebGLContextLostEvent. Added
   specification of WebGLContextRestoredEvent. Removed resetContext().
   Added example from Gregg Tavares using these events to reset an
 - Removed WebGLObjectArray. Used WebGLShader[] as return type of
 - Added note about negative "first" argument to drawElements
   generating INVALID_VALUE based on feedback from Vladimir Vukicevic.
 - Synchronized webgl.idl and WebGL specification.
 - Renamed references to FloatArray to Float32Array.
 - Minor grammatical cleanups.

In TypedArray specification:

 - Renamed FloatArray to Float32Array and DoubleArray to Float64Array.
 - Renamed getFloat/setFloat to getFloat32/setFloat32 and
   getDouble/setDouble to getFloat64/setFloat64 on DataView.
 - Synchronized typedarrays.idl.
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